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The spring of 2017 shenzhen international textile cloth art
2018-12-27 15:05
Direction decides the future, pattern influences the outcome, and business opportunities lie ahead! As the first major exhibition of home decoration industry in the new year, it is held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. 130,000 square meters of exhibition scale gathers more than 1000 high-quality enterprises, deduces "innovation", "innovation", "tide creation", and realizes "integration", "co-construction" and "sharing" with more than 100,000 buyers, reaching the forefront of home decoration. Decoration industry information, experience the most fashionable design results and trends, guide the future development direction of the home decoration industry.
A year's plan lies in the spring, March 7-10 every year, to Shenzhen International Home Textile Fair has become a silent contract within the industry. This exhibition has a large number of brands, leading domestic and foreign home textile and home decoration enterprises, all the industry's new and cutting-edge forces, fire will be fully open to the enterprise's innovative achievements in March Shenzhen Home Textile and Home Furniture Exhibition, bringing unprecedented and more rational prices of new products, more innovative business models and more responsive to market demand for design and services. The various market responses of enterprise cafes have released strong business opportunities and development orientation. Every year, more than 120,000 professional audiences are attracted to visit purchasing and explore trends. The March Shenzhen International Home Textile and Home Fair has become a grand Spring Carnival for the upstream and downstream industries to seek common development.
Shenzhen Home Textile Fair, as the first domestic home textile exhibition to practise cross-border integration, has attracted the attention of the industry. It is undoubtedly the most mature cross-border mode it has built. Home textile fabrics, sunshade window decoration and smart home, home decorations and custom furniture, wallpaper and wall decoration, design resources, decorative carpets and other soft-wear categories are integrated, blended, and decorated. Build and share together, bring digital power into full play and integrate the design and integration software of innovative technologies such as VR/CR, provide convenience for terminal enterprises to carry out cross-border marketing, bring the most competitive integration mode, and make enterprises less detours on the road of cross-border exploration.
According to the buyer's demand, the organizer has made an innovative layout for the theme distribution of the exhibition hall this year. On the basis of continuing the establishment of the original boutique cloth art hall, the fourth hall will continue to focus on building into an international high-end cloth art brand hall. Many well-known imported cloth art brands contend with one hundred schools of thought to show the charm of international cloth soft clothing; and a group of sofa fabrics that walk in the fashion cutting-edge brand will be assembled on the furniture surface of the third hall. The exhibition area of material fashion release is blooming brilliantly. The exhibition area of "integral soft-fitting & custom furniture" which deduces the new trend of home decoration will also become a unique scenery of the theme living hall of No. 2 Pavilion. The theme layout with distinct categories and prominent features will greatly save the time and cost of purchasing by buyers and find satisfactory products and partners.
At the end of 2016, a storm-like environmental renovation campaign brought more pressure to the survival of enterprises, but also forced the upstream and downstream industries to accelerate the pace of green transformation. At the Shenzhen International Home Textile and Home Fair, a group of far-sighted enterprises have sensitively perceived the changes of consumption demand and policy, and started the green transformation of production research and development from the aspects of technology, raw materials, design and post-finishing. At the exhibition, green cloth art, green shade, environmental wall decoration, smart home and other products intersect, or the application of natural environmental materials or the integration of green design and innovative technology, to help the terminal to create a green and environmentally friendly quality of life space.
Home textile fabric and home decoration have entered the process of fashion industry. Building fashionable personality home can not be separated from the interpretation of fashion trends. The exhibition organizers organize industry experts and well-known brands to publish popular trends every year. While bringing shocking visual feasts to buyers, they strive to bring more inspiration and Enlightenment to audiences from the perspective of market demand trends. In this exhibition, you can not miss the national cloth soft-wear fashion trend promulgation exhibition area in the North Hall on the second floor and the international home soft-wear fashion promulgation area in Hall No. 4.
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