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The Chinese brand, cloth art brand "take out"?
2018-12-27 15:02
In May, there was good news for domestic brands. The State Council approved the "Request for the Establishment of China Brand Day" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and agreed to establish May 10 as "China Brand Day" every year from 2017. The establishment of brand day has a far-reaching impact on the home fabric industry.
When it comes to home-made brands, the Federation, Chivas, Qumei and so on are all in touch. When it comes to home-made cloth brands, there are only a handful of them except Molick, Isalay and Butterfly. Ten years ago, most of them were small workshops or couple stores with very few brands. Now, although there are ten top cloth brands, the "branding" of home-made cloth is still "chicken ribs".
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The establishment of "China Brand Day" not only promotes the image of independent brands and expands consumption, but also aims to enhance the competitiveness of independent brands at home and even at the international level. For the home cloth industry, China is undoubtedly the world's largest producer and exporter of cloth, but there are few innovative high-quality cloth brands. How can cloth brands break through the "ceiling" and achieve the double breakthroughs of "domestic demand" and "external demand"?
Improving Brand Need to Build "Internal Work"
The State Council also proposed that in addition to establishing brand days, we should encourage the renewal of durable consumer goods such as household appliances, furniture, automobiles and electronics to meet the needs of green, environmentally friendly and convenient life. So for cloth brand, only the best products have a way to live.
High Quality Cloth Curtain-Butterfly Yimei Home Map
From the current market point of view, the low-quality and low-cost "cloth products" produced from "small workshop" still occupy a large share of the market. To get out of the "middle and high-end" market, brand cloth must have the core value and product characteristics of the brand. Therefore, it is necessary to put the "environmental protection" and "independent design" of the product in the first place of brand development. Promote the brand "Inner Gong".
Strengthen Brand Service and Promote the Core Competitiveness of Specialized Stores
Three-dimensional material selection, VR technology, store management, form customization, process specification, service level and other aspects have become the basis for consumers to judge whether a monopoly store really has brand advantages, and directly affect consumers'trust in brand stores. In this way, standardized service will become the core competitiveness of monopoly stores.

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Fabric art has good prospects, but there are few cloth art brands with successful standardization operation. How to strengthen brand service and draw lessons from it naturally becomes the first step. For example, the top ten cloth art brands are butterfly. In standardization service, the main focus is on customers, starting from customer needs, from free door-to-door measuring scale, to free design by professional designers, to free installation, to intimate. Lifelong service enables customers to experience brand VIP service treatment throughout the shopping process, and finally free disassembly and assembly within a few years. All these reflect the brand curtain shop's determination to guarantee quality and service. Brands with reliable services are the most popular among users and the most marketable.
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