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Pay attention to knowledge dissemination and cultural inher
2018-12-27 15:00
It has been more than a year since the first compilation meeting of household textiles branch of Encyclopedia of China (third edition) was held on August 10, 2016. Through the efforts of various experts of the editorial board for one year, on October 21, 2017, the final review meeting of household textiles branch entries of Encyclopedia of China (third edition) was held in Tongxiang after the successful holding of the conference. Nearly 40 participants from textile associations, China Encyclopedia Publishing House, scientific research institutes, art colleges and representatives of enterprises with industry influence attended the meeting. Zhu Xiaohong, Vice President of China Home Textile Association, presided over the meeting.
The compilation of Home Textile Branch of Encyclopedia of China (3rd edition) is led by China Home Textile Industry Association. Yang Zhaohua, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation and President of China Home Textile Association, is the chief editor of Home Textile Branch. Wang Guohe, professor and deputy director of Textile and Clothing Engineering College of Suzhou University, is also the chief editor.
First of all, Cheng Lihua, editor and reviewer of China Encyclopedia Publishing House, put forward some editorial opinions on the final examination materials of branch entries of household textiles in Encyclopedia of China (third edition). This conference mainly elaborated on standardizing the format of compilation and the terminology of entries. Experts exchanged and discussed some opinions and suggestions put forward by Cheng Lihua.
Wang Guohe said that the compilation of entries has been completed, and after the last review meeting, many adjustments have been made. The editing teacher of China Encyclopedia Publishing House put forward many pertinent opinions and practical suggestions. I believe that after discussion and revision, the content of the home textile branch will be more standardized and rigorous.
Yang Zhaohua said that he would like to thank all experts for taking time out of their busy schedule to participate in the compilation of Encyclopedia of China (third edition). Everyone's efforts are indispensable for the achievements made so far. At this final meeting, we discussed some practical problems arising in the editing process, some of which are very detailed, and even refined into each word, each word. This spirit is worth learning by all our home textile workers. Encyclopedia is a public welfare activity. China Home Textile Association will spare no effort to complete the glorious task of making good contributions in the contemporary era and benefiting the future.
Finally, in order to deepen and refine the work of improving the terms of the discussion, the meeting adopted the form of group discussion, and the atmosphere of the whole meeting was warm and harmonious.
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