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Ganzhou timber transit import and export trading center offi
2018-12-27 15:09
Recently, a total investment of 450 million yuan, covering 100 mu of Ganzhou import and export timber transfer center project was formally signed into Ganzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone.
After the completion of the project, the transfer center of imported timber can play a role of delaying the payment of import taxes, effectively reducing freight and cost, and providing a sustainable and reliable guarantee for the construction of furniture industry cluster. At the same time, the promotion of direct access to imported timber and export furniture will greatly improve the market competitiveness of the furniture industry in our city.
The total construction area of the project is 115,200 square meters, which will become the first import and export timber transfer center in Ganzhou, which integrates supply chain finance, import and export timber trade, logistics hanging center, timber trading platform and other functions. After the project reaches the production standard, it is estimated that 1 million cubic meters of timber will be imported annually, with an import value of about US$2 billion.
It is understood that in recent years, Ganzhou Comprehensive Security Zone, based on its policy advantages, has made great efforts to promote open development and achieved good results. From January to May this year, six projects with more than 100 million yuan have been contracted. Since the customs clearance operation, 3329 customs declarations have been completed, with a total import and export value of 197.6795 million US dollars. Among them, 398 customs declarations have been completed from January to April this year, with a total value of 31.82.35 million US dollars.
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