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2019 central furniture customization & building material
2019-05-09 10:53

2019 central (nanchang) furniture whole house customization and building materials


New product fair


Date: June 22-24, 2019


Venue: nanchang Greenland international expo center


Organizer: jiangxi furniture association


Executive organizer: nanchang renqi exhibition service co., LTD


Joint undertaking: nanchang renchuang exhibition service co., LTD., changsha renchuang exhibition service co., LTD., wuhan renchuang exhibition service co., LTD

I. overview of the exhibition

In order to promote and even the central provinces of jiangxi province building materials, building decoration, home, furniture, home appliances and the prosperity and development of related industries, to assist in establishing and perfecting city/county market sales channels, to promote building materials/furniture/home appliances to the countryside new products and promote the construction of industrialization and the industrialization of new products, to achieve industrial upgrading and transformation, the expansion of consumption for the purpose of stimulating domestic demand, "2019 (nanchang) whole house custom furniture and building materials in central new product exposition" (hereinafter referred to as the "Jiang Xijian exposition") will be on June 22, 2019-24, held in nanchang green international expo center.


The exhibition will invite all over the country more than 1200 exhibitors, the exhibition area of 50000 ㎡.The organizing committee will invite nearly 200,000 agents and franchisees from hundreds of building materials and home furnishings markets at the provincial, municipal and county levels, such as jiangxi, hunan, hubei, anhui and fujian, to visit and participate in the conference, so as to assist enterprises in attracting investment to cities and counties.

It will provide better and more accurate investment attraction services for numerous exhibitors nationwide, build brand image for enterprises, realize efficient and rapid investment attraction, develop provincial, municipal and county-level distribution agents and franchisees, and establish and improve a one-stop comprehensive exhibition platform for market sales channels.


Ii. Professional audience invitation

Including: jiangxi, hunan, hubei, anhui, fujian and other provincial, municipal, county level building decoration materials, kitchen appliances, furniture distribution agents, real estate, architectural decoration, furniture, home textiles, catering, hotels/clubs;Persons-in-charge of whole house customization, furniture, building materials, smart home appliances, smart building industry, landscape and outdoor camping and other units attended the meeting.

Iii. Professional audience organization plan


1. Invitation to call center: more than 200,000 professional dealers and relevant merchants in jiangxi, hunan, hubei, anhui, fujian and other provinces in the database will be invited one on one through telephone, SMS, WeChat, email and other means through professional teams.

2. Local promotion + site: 200 dealer promotion sites will be set up in cities and counties of central China, and dealers will be invited to participate in the conference in coordination;Meanwhile, the field department of the organizing committee will send invitations to professional buyers at the provincial, municipal and county levels.

3. Star-level reception for professional audience: 100 buses will be sent to and from professional markets in various provinces, cities and counties to pick up professional buyers. The top 5,000 VIP dealers and buyers will make an appointment to visit and provide free accommodation..

4. Media matrix publicity: on the basis of stabilizing the audience of traditional media, jiangxi construction expo will try its best to create an era of joint publicity by new media and traditional media. On this basis, new audiences will be developed through new media.

5. Recruitment concept of media community: the new media department has been carrying out online multi-channel online promotion for four months, continuously pushing timely and accurate exhibition information through professional websites, WeChat group, public accounts and QQ, and organizing online and offline activities on an irregular basis to continuously carry out online and offline recruitment.

6, six big service product matrix: jiangxi construction expo 360 degree all-round service product matrix for you, for your product publicity escort, for you to answer the operating pain points, for you to analyze the hot trends in the market, to provide you with a good industry exchange platform.

Iv. Scope of exhibition

(1) decorative building materials and industrial products installed inside

1. Door industry, locks, architectural decoration hardware

Wooden doors, automatic doors, metal doors, composite doors, indoor doors, sliding doors, partition doors;Automatic revolving door, remote control door, industrial door, automatic telescopic door, automatic isolation door;Door access control system, door accessories;Building decoration hardware, building electrical: locks, intelligent locks, induction locks;Plumbing hardware, pipe material;Lighting, switch, socket, intelligent switch, wire and cable, intelligent (water/electricity/gas) meter, switch cabinet;Door/window/furniture hardware, etc.

2. Wall decoration materials, wall decoration/background wall, wall paper, diatom mud and coating.

Wall decoration materials, wallpaper, wallpaper, wall decoration: integrated wall materials, home decoration film, synthetic relief background wall, art background wall, wallpaper, tiles, art tiles;Murals/murals, mural materials;Composite wall decoration, metal wall decoration, bamboo wall decoration, wood wall decoration, tapestry wall decoration, art wallpaper;Coating, exterior/interior coating, art coating, diatom mud;Screen, partition: glass partition, activity partition, office partition, aluminum alloy frame, partition door, blinds, etc.

3. Floor materials, flooring, floor tiles and flooring

Real wood flooring, compound wood flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring, sports flooring, heating flooring, outdoor flooring, plastic flooring, rubber flooring, stone flooring;Flooring materials and laying auxiliary materials, decorative paste board, decorative wood products;Floor tiles, glazed tiles, tiles, tiles, marble, granite, granite, floor paint;Waterproof material, adhesive.

(2) industrialized technical products of construction and green building materials

1. Building industrialization technology and equipment, building energy saving.

Integrated residential parts, energy-saving wall materials, home photovoltaic energy, energy-saving doors and Windows, insulating glass, wall insulation insulation;Building electrical, solar water heater, heat pump products;Water supply and drainage equipment, water supply and drainage pump valve, etc.

2. Doors and Windows, glass, curtain wall, equipment and accessories, and sunshade products.

Plastic steel doors and Windows, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, glass steel doors and Windows, invisible doors and Windows;Plastic steel profiles, aluminum profiles, doors and Windows equipment and accessories;Insulating glass, coated glass, curtain wall glass, sealing material, glass glue;Glass equipment, carving machinery;Indoor shading products, outdoor shading products, window screen, window accessories, window accessories, guardrails, etc.

(3) customization of the whole house

1. Overall kitchen cabinet/wardrobe, overall kitchen/bathroom, kitchen appliances, health appliances.

Integral cabinet/wardrobe, modular wardrobe, smart wardrobe;Sliding door, cabinet, sliding door, clothes rack, etc.Integral kitchen cabinet, integrated kitchen, intelligent kitchen;Integral wei yu, pottery and porcelain wei yu, integrated condole carries.Integrated environment-friendly kitchen appliances: range hood, gas stove, microwave oven, electromagnetic cooker, electric hot pot, electric wok;Dishwasher, garbage disposal;Air purifier/machine, water purifier, water dispenser;Bath bully, water heater, shower room, steam room, etc.

2. Customized furniture and soft decoration

Customized furniture, customized garden furniture, customized smart home, customized children's room, customized home textile, sofa series, customized soft assembly decoration, bedclothes, bamboo and rattan furniture, customized stairs, etc.

3. Integrated residence, wooden house/wood-plastic villa customization

Integrated residence, prefabricated building technology products, wooden house, wooden villa, combination wooden house, wooden structure building, wood-plastic house;Wood structural materials for the residence;Outdoor furniture, landscape building materials, customized products, wood plastic/anticorrosive wood and other raw materials.Wooden pavilion, wooden bridge, wooden fence, arbor, wooden plastic paving board, fence, footpath, etc.


(iv) smart home

Smart home system, smart building system, smart home appliances, monitoring, lighting, air conditioning, heating and cooling, elevators, etc.

(v)Woodworking machinery and furniture raw materials and accessories, doors and Windows equipment and accessories

Woodworking machinery, furniture raw and auxiliary materials, furniture accessories, cabinet/wardrobe accessories, door production machinery, casters, leather, etc.;Doors and Windows machinery, doors and Windows accessories, floor production line, stone processing machinery.

(vi) software system

Furniture design, interior decoration design, home customization, big data, architectural design software.


(vii) large-scale building materials complex investment projects in various cities

Development zones, industrial parks, furniture and building materials industrial parks, furniture and building materials creative industrial parks, building materials and furniture enterprises.


5. Exhibitor services


The booth type

The booth fee

The booth allocation


The standard booth

RMB 7800/  

Configuration: one 5A220V power outlet, one table, two chairs, lighting, etc




The specially decorated booth does not include the design and construction, sanitation and cleanness, electricity and other necessities, etc. (the management fees and electricity charges related to the specially decorated booth shall be borne by the exhibitors themselves)

6. Participation procedures
1. You need to fill in the exhibition agreement with official seal and fax or scan it to the organizing committee;

2. The booth arrangement shall be made by the organizing committee according to the principle of "registration first, payment first and arrangement first";

3. You shall pay the booth fee within the period agreed in the exhibition agreement;

4. You shall attend the exhibition as scheduled according to the procedures in exhibitor manual.

7. Contact information
Renchuang exhibition group · nanchang branch

Address: baoli dongwan international, jingdong avenue, high-tech development zone, nanchang city

Renchuang exhibition group, changsha branch

Address: east furong business center, yuanda road, furong district, changsha city, 1901

Renchuang exhibition group wuhan branch

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