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The essence of corporate culture is derived from the strict implementation of the corporate system. The system of compulsion or incentive ultimately promotes the group to produce a certain behavior consciousness, which constitutes the corporate culture. The essence of corporate culture has been profoundly confirmed in Dongtang Policy's Word Interpretation of Corporate Culture, in which the mechanism of the formation of corporate culture is also described in detail.
Enterprise leaders apply the function of "cultural change person" to enterprises to solve the problems in modern enterprise management, which has the enterprise culture. Both enterprise management theory and enterprise culture management theory pursue benefits. However, the former regards people as objects in pursuit of benefits, while the latter applies cultural concepts consciously to enterprises in pursuit of benefits, and regards creative people as the center of management theory. This guiding ideology is reflected in enterprise management, and there are various concepts that people call enterprise culture.
Starting from the reality of corporate culture, this paper conducts in-depth investigation and research to grasp the essential relationship between various phenomena of corporate culture. Based on practical experience, from perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge, scientific summary and summary are made.
1. Corporate culture can stimulate employees'sense of mission. Whatever the enterprise has its responsibility and mission, the sense of mission is the goal and direction of the work of all employees, and the source of power for the continuous development or progress of the enterprise.
2. corporate culture can cohere employees'sense of belonging. The function of corporate culture is to let a group of people from different places pursue the same dream through the refinement and dissemination of corporate values.
3. Corporate culture can strengthen employees'sense of responsibility. Enterprises should publicize the importance of staff's sense of responsibility through a large number of materials and documents. Managers should instill responsibility consciousness, crisis consciousness and team consciousness into all employees, and let everyone clearly understand that the enterprise is a common enterprise for all employees.
4. Corporate culture can give employees a sense of honor. Everyone should make more contributions, make more achievements and pursue more sense of honor in his own position and field of work.
5. corporate culture can realize employees'sense of achievement. The prosperity of an enterprise is related to the survival of every company's employees. If the enterprise prospers, the employees will be proud of it and will work harder. The higher the glory, the greater the sense of achievement and the more obvious it is.
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