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2018 bamboo-shack furniture brand value of 9.788 billion yua
2018-12-27 15:18
Recently, good news came from the superior market and quality supervision departments. In the national 2017 regional brand value evaluation activities, the brand value of "Nankang Furniture" rose again. The latest evaluation results reached 9.788 billion yuan, which ranked first in the manufacturing industry in the whole province, and consolidated the dominant position of Nankang Furniture in the national solid wood furniture industry.
This is the third consecutive year that Nankang Furniture participated in the regional brand value evaluation activities guided by the State Administration and organized by the China Quality Certification Center. The market and quality supervision departments of Nankang District of Ganzhou City have deeply excavated the successful elements of the brand of excellent Nankang Furniture Enterprises, and actively explored the road of the development of Nankang Furniture Mother-Child Brand. The research results of Nankang Furniture Brand Value have been widely Note, it has played an important role in promoting regional brand image, precipitating brand assets and consolidating industry status.
Source of information: Quality Certification Section of District Market and Quality Supervision Bureau
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