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In 2018 the Chinese skills competition, the national vocatio
2018-12-27 15:17
2018 China Skills Competition - National Furniture Manufacturing Professional Skills Competition Final Opened in Nankang on November 4
The final of the 2018 China Skills Competition - National Furniture Manufacturing Professional Skills Competition will be held in Nankang District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province on November 4. The finals are sponsored by China Furniture Association, China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center, China Light Industry Vocational Skills Identification and Guidance Center, China National Committee of Finance and Trade Light Textile Tobacco Trade Union, Ganzhou Nankang District People's Government and Jiangxi Furniture Association. Competition time and place: time: November 3-6, 2018 (official opening on November 4), venue: Nankang Home Town Expo Center
Before the finals were settled in Nankang, the Chinese Furniture Association approved the reply of "Agreeing to Jiangxi Southwest Kang as the Place of the 2018 China Skills Competition - National Furniture Manufacturing Professional Skills Competition Final", and confirmed that the 2018 China Skills Competition - National Furniture Manufacturing Professional Skills Competition Final will be held in Nankang. The reply indicated that since June this year, the national regional selection competitions have been successfully held one after another, laying a solid foundation for the selection of excellent players for the finals. Nankang Competition District has outstanding performances in competition support and guarantee, industrial characteristics and scale, talent reserve and training, industrial upgrading and standardization. Through the study of the Competition Organizing Committee, Jiangxi Southwest Kang has been designated as the final venue of the "2018 China Skills Competition - National Furniture Manufacturing Professional Skills Competition".
Competition introduction
The 2018 China Skills Competition, the National Furniture Manufacturing Professional Skills Competition, is a national second-class competition co-sponsored by four national institutions and industry organizations, guided by the national talent development program and the strategy of building a powerful country, and supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs Letter No. 43. This competition is a follow-up to the 2017 China Skills Competition, the National Furniture (Redwood Carving) Professional Skills Competition. After the competition, the furniture industry held the second national class II competition, the first furniture production competition held by the industry, and the highest professional skills competition in the industry. Eleven competition zones have been set up in the whole country: Dongyang, Fujian Xianyou, Jiangxi Southwest Kang, Qingfeng, Ningjin, Lianshui, Yunnan Kunming, Nantong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Panyu and Guangdong New Association. In July 2018, the Organizing Committee of the Competition held a competition working conference in Beijing and held a training course for national vocational skill judges at the same time. The judges who were qualified to be judges were composed of state-level, provincial-level masters of Arts and crafts, inheritors of intangible cultural heritage and professionals from enterprises and colleges. At present, there are more than 150 judges, who have reserved judgement power for each selection area and finals. 。 Eleven sub-contest areas were selected from June to October 2018. The holding of the competition has been fully participated by the relevant government departments in each sub-competition area and the provincial and municipal furniture associations. It has been carefully guided by the provincial and municipal people's societies and trade unions at all levels, and has been strongly supported by the relevant furniture enterprises. According to statistics, 55 sponsoring and sponsoring units, 11 co-sponsoring and supporting units and hundreds of furniture enterprises have participated in the organizational preparations for the selection contest in 11 sub-contest areas of the country. The total number of contestants in the 11 sub-contest areas is nearly 1000. The finals will welcome 70 workers from all over the country to compete on the same stage.
About the Finals
The final contest, which is based on the National Vocational Skills Standard of Handicraft Woodworking (National Vocational Qualification Level 3), consists of two parts: theoretical examination and skill contest. It not only examines the theoretical basis of the contestants, but also compares the actual operation ability of the contestants. Among the total scores, theoretical examination scores accounted for 20%, and skill competition scores accounted for 80%. Skills competition is: using hand-made woodworking tools and Burmese pear wood, making a piece of furniture according to the drawings, pure hand-made, independent, focusing on the mortise-and-tenon production ability and detail processing ability of the competitors. Electric tools are allowed to bring only one hand-held sander, and glue is not allowed for competition works. In order to maintain fairness and fairness, the final title drawings will be officially released three days before the competition. In the finals, the theoretical examination will be supervised by three referees, and the skills competition will be judged by seven referees. The list of referees performing the review will be officially announced at the beginning of the finals. The top three finalists will be submitted to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security for the honorary title of "National Technologist". Those who win other ranks will be awarded the honorary titles of "National Light Industry Technologist", "China Furniture Industry Technologist", "China Furniture Industry Craftsman Star" and so on.
Tournament influence
At present, China's social and economic life has a high demand for high-end skills and exquisite technology. Furniture industry should let the workers in different positions have a stage of glorious labor through competitions, evaluation and other work, so that they can also have opportunities to exercise and shine in ordinary posts, so as to encourage every worker to love their posts, dedicate themselves to their work, strive for first-class, and dare to innovate. This competition has great influence, wide coverage and high participation. It is an important measure to improve the competition system in China's furniture industry. It will gradually create a glorious social fashion and a dedicated work atmosphere in the industry, which has far-reaching historical significance. Competition will lead skilled workers to base themselves on their own duties, study new technologies, master new skills, strive for innovative performance, promote the industry to establish a model of skilled talents, drive workers to take the road of skilled talent, and promote the Chinese furniture industry to a better future.
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