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All initiated bamboo-shack furniture product quality improve
2018-12-27 15:16
Nankang Furniture Products Quality Promotion Action
Recently, Nankang District of Ganzhou City issued the Implementation Plan of Developing Furniture Product Quality Promotion Action to Establish National Quality Promotion Demonstration Zone, and launched Furniture Product Quality Promotion Action in an all-round way.
Nankang Furniture Products Quality Promotion Action
In the Plan, the leading group of the National Quality Promotion Demonstration Zone was set up, which was headed by the principal person in charge of the district government and members of the relevant departments. It was proposed that in three years, the overall quality level of Nankang furniture should be significantly improved, the brand awareness and market share should be significantly increased, and the innovation ability should be significantly improved. With Furniture Industrial Park (industrial park) and various furniture production agglomeration areas as key areas, solid wood furniture, soft furniture and children's furniture as key products, the Plan puts forward five major 16 work measures and tasks, namely, improving standardization system, building quality management system, improving brand cultivation management system, building quality improvement public service system and optimizing brand promotion system.
The Plan has formulated specific incentive policies for standardization construction, quality and technological innovation, trademark and brand building, such as rewarding 500,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan respectively for the units presiding over the formulation of international standards and national standards, rewarding 200,000 yuan for the units presiding over the formulation of industry standards and local standards, and rewarding 200,000 yuan for the units presiding over the formulation of group standards, respectively, and awarding Ganzhou Mayor's Quality Award or South China's Enterprises above the scale of the Kang District Chief Quality Award will be awarded 200,000 yuan; those who identify well-known trademarks in China will be awarded 300,000 yuan; and those who identify famous brands in Jiangxi will be awarded 100,000 yuan.
In 2017, the former General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection officially approved Nankang to establish a national demonstration zone for improving the quality of furniture products. In order to establish a good demonstration area and promote high-quality development of industry, Ganzhou Quality Supervision Bureau, together with Nankang District Bureau, has promoted the formulation of more than 10 policy documents, such as Nankang Furniture Famous Brand Development Strategy and Government Quality Award. It has issued the first group standard of Chinese furniture industry, Solid Wood Single Bed, Solid Wood Table and Chair, and strived for more than 1 million yuan of district financial funds to reward enterprises with remarkable quality brand effect. Up to now, there are 5 famous trademarks in Nankang Furniture Industry, 2 famous brands in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi and Shanghai, 43 famous brands in Jiangxi Province, 4 advanced quality management enterprises in Jiangxi Province, 2 Mayor Quality Awards and 2 District Governor Quality Awards. The brand value of Nankang Furniture has reached 9.788 billion yuan, ranking first in manufacturing industry in the whole province.
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