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Ganzhou Haibang Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in October 2017, located in Nankang District, Ganzhou City, the largest solid wood furniture production base in Asia. We specialize in timber importation and furniture manufacturing and exportation. 

Haibang Industry is a leading supplier provides timber and furniture import & export solutions, focusing on establishing long-term partnerships with foreign and domestic factories. We have established branches in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. With superior production environment, sophisticated technology and advanced equipment, we are focusing on making elegant, convenient and environmentally-friendly quality, we strive to create Haibang “Lianglong” brand, and gradually internationalize home furnishing, office furniture, and other customized furniture products.

Haibang integrates the superior resource platform,and cross-border integration, we will open the “top ten categories and ten major spaces” in the future. The overall R&D and production strength will be further improved. We have a dedicated team and strong development capabilities to respond quickly to customers' needs, and provide customized products and end-to-end services to help merchants succeed in business.

Company philosophy

The core concept of Hai Bang Industry is to achieve a global strategic cooperation framework, make up its mind, keep perseverance, find the right center of gravity, accelerate the promotion of wood import, processing and production, furniture export, overseas resources development and utilization and other breakthroughs. Grasp the construction of the industrial system and work together in the technology, industry and international situation. Follow the law of technological development, do a good job in systemic technology layout, select excellent and key breakthroughs. Strengthen the centralized and unified layout, improve the institutional environment of capital, taxation, international trade, talents, optimize the internal management of enterprises, open up advantageous channels for connecting infrastructure construction with technological innovation and strive for breakthroughs in infrastructure development to drive applied technological innovation.

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